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The Prince Hall Service Fund, Inc. has been providing early childhood services to the Central Harlem North – Polo Grounds area for over 40 years through the Prince Hall Colonial Park Day Care Center. Our program has met all the New York City Early Childhood Education Program Standard. Our students develop relationships through a caring and encouraging environment, where our teachers reflect the diversity of the student population. Our staff is sensitive to the needs and development of each child, and the teachers become consistent role models for the children. The children in our program have been representative of the diversity in New York City. Specifically, our student population has been representative of the local community within in a 2-mile radius. We have a track record of accepting all students regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, ethnicity, or religion.

Through a variety of cultural and social programs, our students learn to appreciate their self-worth, and develop positive relationships in a global society. The individual growth of our students and confidence of multiple generations of families enrolling in our program over the past 40 years is evidence that our program continues to develop and foster positive nurturing relationships. The learning environment and curriculum utilizes play and interactive activities as a means to encourage student learning and interest. Our teaching staff members are highly qualified educational personnel, who employ collaborative learning methods through a creative curriculum to broaden the student exposure to new and exciting knowledge. Student progress is monitored and measure in accordance with the Creative Curriculum material and assessment tools. The teaching is developmentally, improving the students’ cultural awareness, language skills, and preparation for public school enrollment.

Our educational approach for the past 40 years has been holistic, intellectual, social and cultural. We have ensured the personal safety and health of our students, and coordinated with the appropriate agencies for compliance and services in the best interest of the child’s welfare. Our program has included opportunities and referral to parents for services to improve their interaction and participation in the educational development of their child. Through our program, we have been providing solid childcare services to this community whereby our program has cared for multi-generations of families.

The Prince Hall Colonial Park children are from both native-English speaking and non-English speaking families. By enrolling in the Prince Hall Colonial Park Center, children have sufficiently improved their English and linguistic skills, and are well-prepared for enrollment in public elementary school. Many of our children enter elementary school system as bi-lingual students, and others are exposed to language diversity. Our program provides assistance to the entire family, especially parents, by teaching our children English while supporting the native language of the family. As our bilingual children enter the public school system, they become translators and help to improve communication between their non-English speaking parents and the school personnel